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Please enter your pick up address and drop off address. It is optional whether you enter a full address or suburbs only, but a full address will produce a more accurate result. You can also add extra destinations by clicking 'Add Destination'.

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Maxi Taxis - Brisbane, Ipswich, Beaudesert, Logan, Redcliffe, Redlands, Wynnum and Caboolture

If a Maxi Taxi is requested and pre-booked - the flagfall is $11 extra than a standard flagfall for that time of day
(excludes wheelchair passengers)

Maxi Taxis - Warwick - Yeppoon - Bundaberg - Rockhampton - Tully - Magnetic Island

Maxi Taxis in Warwick, Yeppoon, Bundaberg and Rockhampton are approximately 1.5x standard taxi rate if pre-booked
Maxi Taxis in Tully and Magnetic Island are approximately 1.25x standard taxi rate is pre-booked
Maxi Taxis in Hobart run at a higher flagfall and kilometre rate then a standard taxi.
(excludes wheelchair passengers)
Silver Service - ALL AREAS
If a Silver Service is requested and pre-booked - the flagfall is $11 extra than a standard flagfall for that time of day
Fare Calculator - Terms of Use
  • The fare estimate provided is for the current time of day for travel
  • The fare estimate is for a 'standard' 4 seater taxi. Specialty vehicles may incur extra charges
  • The results given using the fare calculator are indicative only and do not represent a 'quote' for payment purposes
  • These estimates are GST inclusive and are subject to other conditions such as weather, traffic and route chosen.
  • The estimates are calculated using the 'shortest and most practical' route.
  • The shortest route may not be the quickest route. If you ask the driver for the quickest route - the fare may be greater. (eg. Airport to Ipswich - via Gateway/Ipswich Motorways is shorter in time but larger in fare than travelling via the City)
  • These estimates do not include toll charges or Airport charges.
  • These estimates do not include any applicable transaction fees for EFTPOS, or any credit providers.